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Meta's Reality Labs Continues to Lose Billions of Dollars in Q1

That metaverse business is not going as well as expected.

Gloria Levine

Apr 26, 2024

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The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director on Metaverse: "They Should Stop Treating It Like It's New"

"You cannot have a metaverse without something to do inside the metaverse."

Gloria Levine

Apr 11, 2024

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The Concept & Future of Metaverse Explained in an Upcoming Book

Once Upon Tomorrow is a soon-to-be-published tome by Shurick Agapitov that describes the idea of a decentralized metaverse free from corporate dominance.

80 Level Editorial Team

Feb 26, 2024

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SaGuNi-Tech is Looking for a Senior Concept Designer

The company specializing in Web3 projects is hiring.

Amber Rutherford

Feb 21, 2024

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E.C. Morgan on the Vision for Metaverse & Its Future

Soma Innovation Lab Co-Founder and CEO E.C. Morgan discussed the company's history, detailed the challenges of building metaverses, and shared the vision for the future of the metaverse.

E.C. Morgan

Feb 20, 2024

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Exploring the 5D World of AIR RACE X with Psychic VR Lab

The Psychic VR Lab team spoke about their Spacial XR platform, STYLY, discussed the transformation of air racing into a 5-dimensional motorsports event with AIR RACE X, and shared their vision for the future of Spacial XR Entertainment initiatives.

The Psychic VR Lab Team

Nov 10, 2023

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Spatial Announces First Season of In-House and UGC Games

The team also announced the hire of Charles Ju, an industry vet who launched games with over 100 million in downloads and $50 million in revenue. His games include Beat Fever, Sessions, BattleCamp, and PlayMesh.

The Spatial Team

Nov 09, 2023

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The Potential of Digital Twins in the Metaverse

In order to gain a deeper understanding of digital twins and their integration within the metaverse, the 80 Level Research Team has executed comprehensive research.

80 Level Research

Sep 18, 2023

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Navigating Character Creation in Metaverse

The rise of the metaverse has opened up new opportunities for gaming and virtual experiences, allowing players to immerse themselves in entirely new worlds and environments. In this article, we'll explore the concept and possibilities of "Character Creation" within the metaverse.

80 Level Research

May 16, 2023

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