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Speech Graphics delivers pioneering facial animation technology to the entertainment industry

Based on over 20 years of R&D in speech technology and procedural facial dynamics, our software produces high-quality facial animation from audio alone, with no need for motion capture. Speech Graphics spun out of the University of Edinburgh’s world-renowned School of Informatics in 2010 under the leadership of founders Michael Berger and Gregor Hofer, and game industry veteran Colin Macdonald.


Speech Graphics has won several awards for its speech-driven animation technology, including the prestigious John Logie Baird Award for innovation, an LT-Innovate Award, a Santander Entrepreneurial Award, and game industry awards including a 2015 Develop Award for Best Creative Outsourcer, and 2015 TIGA Award for Best Animation Supplier. The company has also received several development grants, including grants from Scottish Enterprise and the University of Abertay.

The SGX suite delivers high-quality automated facial animation from audio on the first pass and gives you control to direct the resulting performance in line with your precise vision.

SG Com allows facial animation to be driven by audio in real-time for player-to-player avatar chat and a range of other applications!

Speech GraphicsRecent articles

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The Speech Graphics team provided an overview of how its audio-driven facial animation software, SGX, generates metadata sequences that breathe life into characters and NPCs.

Level Up Your Facial Animation: Comparing Game-Changing Techniques

CEO and Co-Founder of Speech Graphics, Gregor Hofer, spoke about modern-day facial animation and discussed the options available for animators.

Squanch Games on Using Speech Graphics' SGX Software For High on Life

"By far the best facial animation generation from all the systems we tested."

Animating Speech & Mastering Facial Rigging: Guidelines for Game Developers

CTO and Co-Founder of Speech Graphics, Michael Berger, shares his insights on how to optimize facial rigs to get the very best results in terms of lip sync and emotional expression.

Understanding Real-Time Facial Animation

Dimitrios Kyteas, the Head of Visualization Engineering at Speech Graphics, has offered an in-depth look at the company's SG Com, discussed the challenges of developing this real-time animation tool, and explained how the solution can be integrated into game engines.

Take a Breath: Speech Graphics on Animating Non-Verbal Sounds

Speech Graphics' Dimitri Palaz has told us about working with non-verbal sounds, detailed the process of collecting data for auto modes, and discussed the challenges of detecting non-verbal vocalizations.

A Deep Dive Into Speech Graphics' Facial Animation Solutions

Co-Founder and CTO of Speech Graphics Michael Berger told us about the company's history, discussed how their facial animation solutions SGX and SG Com work, and explained why AAA game developers use the solutions for their projects.

Speech Graphics: Creating Audio-Driven Facial Animation Technology

Speech Graphic's Gregor Hofer told us about audio-driven facial animation technology and its main limitations, shared how the company's Rapport platform can facilitate brand awareness, and talked about the future plans of the company.

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