Gumroad Digest: Packs for Hard-Surface Environments

Check out 5 Gumroad packs with tools and workflows for sci-fi and hard-surface environments.

1. Fluorescence Project

Check out a cool set for sci-fi and hard-surface environment production from Mihai Muscan. The pack includes assets, meshes, textures, and materials that will help speed up your workflow.

What’s inside:

  • 250+ assets, 100+ decals, 200+ materials, and textures in 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 resolutions
  • Blueprints for details
  • 3 environments: 2 corridors and 1 apartment
  • A wide range of props, decals, and materials for level visual enhancement
  • Efficient RMA-packed textures including tillable floor, ceiling, and wall
  • Stain, Paint, Stickers, Footprints, Handprints, and many more decals

2. Decal Technique for Hard-Surface Environment

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Sergey Tyapkin shared the decal technique he used for one of his high-quality sci-fi scenes. The technique will save your time and let you put more effort into polishing the details instead. With this pack, you’ll focus on creating a sci-fi wall from scratch and following each step of the production.


  • 5-hour step by step tutorial covering the whole process from the concept to the final result
  • All source files: concept .psd file, modo and .fbx scenes, NDo project with .png textures and .psd source files, UE4 project
  • text document with links for diving into the workflow and deep learning


For this technique, you’re required to have an intermediate knowledge of the following software:

3. Game Asset Creation Guide

Check out a tutorial covering the whole process of creating a game asset from Juan Hernandez. Learn the production workflow from scratch and master widely used 3D software solutions. You’ll focus on texturing in Substance Painter, rendering in Marmoset, and creating holographic animation for the asset.

Covered topics:

  • Using SubD modeling to create the High-Resolution model
  • Converting out the High Poly model into a Game-ready mesh
  • UV Mapping and getting the most out of our UV space
  • Baking Normal Maps with Substance Painter
  • Adding Textures and Decals with Substance Painter
  • Using Marmoset Toolbag to Render out Sci-Fi Crate in realtime
  • Making a Holographic Animation inside of Toolbag


The tutorial goes at a normal speed without any time-lapses which creates a perfect opportunity to follow the process by yourself.

4. Zen UV for Blender

Check out a new set of tools for Blender from Sergey Tyapkin.

The pack includes a whole ready-to-use pipeline for working on UVs in Blender. Sergey describes the set as an intuitive system that intends to ease up your workflow in the software.

Main features:

  • Smart Zen Unwrap Operator
  • Powerful Marking System
  • Quadrify Islands Operator
  • Different Pack Engines
  • Isolate Island Mode
  • Pin Islands System
  • Select Overlapped Islands Operator
  • Checker Texture Toggle
  • Flexible Preferences System


If you got any issues while using the pipeline, go to a Discord channel for support.

5. UV Seams Kit for MODO

Speed up your UVs workflow in MODO with another kit from Sergey Tyapkin. This pack will come in handy for those who are working on game projects.

Learn how to install and use the kit in the video above. The video also includes a step by step process with explanations from Sergey for a better understanding of the workflow.

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  • Angelakis Evangelos

    I would also suggest this free little plug in for blender which is a must if you're working with trim sheets.

    Ultimate Trim UV - Free Blender Add-on


    Angelakis Evangelos

    ·10 months ago·

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