Procedural Texturing of a Parametric Building in Substance Tools

Watch Gavin Whelan’s workflow for the building’s interior and exterior details made in Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

CG supervisor and generalist Gavin Whelan teamed up together with the Substance team and shared his techniques for creating a building for the episode of the TV show 911.

In the video, he will briefly introduce you to the insights into the creative process of the building, how he worked with Google maps, added details inside of the building using Sketchfab, and more. After the overview of the CG render, you’ll dive into the technical aspects of the production of the building’s texture. In the process, Gavin focused on relying on Substance Designer, making the render photorealistic, creating parametric modeling system FX-ready assets, provide a proper day/night solution.

In the end, Gavin answered the questions from the audience and shared the tricks of using a handful of software, including Substance tools, 3DS Max, TYFlow, and VRay.

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