HIVE Talk: Simon Verstraete on Houdini Engine for UE4

Learn the details of using Houdini Engine in game engines and find out new features of the 2.0 beta version from Simon Verstraete.

Technical artist Simon Verstraete joined SideFX during the HIVE virtual conference and discussed the capabilities of Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 4 as well as showcased the new features of the 2.0 beta version in action.

Houdini Engine gives an ability for artists with no Houdini workflow knowledge to open its tools such as house and certain-world generator or digital assets in Unity and UE4, or in other software. The Houdini Engine is included in the installer of Houdini and allows to work with tools in a user-friendly way with a tool’s menu of the parameters that users can build for it.

Although the first version of the plugin for UE4 is still functional and available, the 2.0 version is released in beta and available for trying out. The second version brings a few useful enhancements to the plugin, including:

  • New UI
  • PDG
  • World composition
  • BSP support
  • Import bgeo
  • Blueprint support

If you’re completely new to Houdini Engine, we suggest checking out a 2-part article from The Undead Dev on using Houdini Engine in UE4 and a breakdown from SideFX on how to use Houdini Engine in Unity.

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