Naga Shrine of Rejuvenation: Texturing Game Assets in Substance Painter

Alexander Nguyen did a breakdown of his stylized scene, Naga Shrine of Rejuvenation, made during the CGMA course, discussed his approach to creating a stylized look to the assets, talked about working on the vegetation and water texture as well as shared his lighting setup. 


Alexander Nguyen

Published on

Nov 20, 2020

The Guilded Knight: Ghibli-Inspired Texturing and Animation Workflow

Konstantin Chulanov and Andrey Azarov did a breakdown of their joint project, The Guilded Knight, discussed their modeling workflow in ZBrush, texturing process in Substance Painter, and talked about animation and rigging in Maya. 

The Cantina Incident: Modular Approach and Procedural Texturing in Substance

Jaikumar Gurubaran did a detailed breakdown of his UE4 Mafia-inspired game environment, The Cantina Incident, talked about his modular approach to modeling the scene, discussed his workflow on textures in Substance Designer and Substance Painter, and shared his lighting setup for day and night lighting. 


Jaikumar Gurubaran

Published on

Nov 16, 2020

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