Developing a Natural-Sounding Text-to-Speech Technology

ReadSpeaker’s Lead Developer Pontus Melin and Business Development Director Tom Dipietropolo told about their text-to-speech technology, shared how the tech can be used in games, and revealed the algorithms behind TTS.

Managing an Indie Game Development Studio During the Pandemic

Members of TrueWorld, a newly-formed indie studio based in Singapore, talked about some of their projects, explained how they manage to thrive during the uncertainty of COVID, and showed us how mudstack helps them to organize their working process.


TrueWorld Studios Team

Published on

Dec 20, 2021

People Can Fly Engineer on DLSS, Nanite & the Future of Gamedev

Principal Graphics Programmer at People Can Fly Peter Sikachev has discussed game development from a programmer's perspective, shared some thoughts on DLSS and how it helps developers, and explained the difference between older and newer consoles.


Peter Sikachev

Published on

Dec 07, 2021

Making an Update for World of Warships

An Executive Producer Philip Molodkovets and Tech Team Lead Mikhail Popov have told us about the recent 0.10.10 update of World of Warships, reviewed the new features, and explained how they understand that the game needs an update.

Developing SWIFT, Part 2: Characters, Environments & Animations

The developers of SWIFT have shared a massive, 2-part breakdown, discussing all the aspects of the game. In the second part, the team has talked about environments, characters, tools they used in production, and more.


The SWIFT Team

Published on

Dec 02, 2021

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