A Talk with PlaySys: Digital World and Its Social Image Are Changing

Luca Deriu, Founder of PlaySys, talked about their studio and his approach to projects as lead developer, how the image of the digital world and video games is changing in society, and in what way their team and industry in general were affected by COVID.


Luca Deriu

Published on

Nov 27, 2020

THE SHORE: Solo Game Development and Creature Production

Ares Dragonis shared more details about his game THE SHORE inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's stories, talked about his approach to creating monsters, and how he manages to handle all the tasks alone.


Ares Dragonis

Published on

Nov 26, 2020

INDIKA: Working on an Indie Game Set in an Alternative Tsarist Russia

Dmitry Svetlov from Odd-Meter talked about their new project INDIKA that's being made in UE4 and their experience of developing their own game as an aspiring indie studio.


Dmitry Svetlov

Published on

Nov 23, 2020

Flair: An Overview of A Node-Based Engine for Stylized 3D Art

Santiago Montesdeoca, CEO of Artineering, talked about the new node-based real-time engine for stylized CG, discussed its core features and advantages of it for 3D artists, shared resources on how to get started with it as well as mentioned key current integrations and future plans. 


Santiago Montesdeoca

Published on

Nov 16, 2020

How Wargaming Ported World of Tanks Blitz to Nintendo Switch

Thaine Lyman, General Manager of Wargaming Mobile division, discussed the process of porting World of Tanks Blitz to Nintendo Switch: optimization, controls, platform specifics, and more. 


Thaine Lyman

Published on

Oct 12, 2020

Zelter: Creating a 2D Looking Game in 3D in Unity

Sangbin Han, CEO of G1 PLAYGROUND, discussed the development of the upcoming survival game Zelter, dived into the team's approach to using assets and creating VFX as well as talked about the publishing and investing processes.


Sangbin Han

Published on

Oct 02, 2020

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