The Captain's Table: Making an Underwater Diorama for Portfolio in UE4

Nina Klos talked about the textures, caustic shader, details, and lighting in her small project The Captain's Table, and discussed how she approaches dioramas for portfolio in general. 


Nina Klos

Published on

Jan 08, 2021

Green Green Grass of Tunnel: Creating Vibrant Stylized Nature in UE4

Florian Elie talked about the project Green Green Grass of Tunnel: building and texturing a brick wall, making grass, adding the wind effect and falling leaves, and more.


Elie Florian

Published on

Dec 07, 2020

Mirko Fan Art: Sculpting a Manga Character in ZBrush

Andres Castaneda discussed in detail how he made a stylized Rumi Usagiyama – Rabbit Hero: Mirko from My Hero Academia – talking about sculpting the body, face, hair, and cloth folds, polypainting, presentation, and more.


Andres Castaneda

Published on

Dec 04, 2020

Hand-Painted Witch Cafe: Texturing a Stylized Scene

Finn Stevens-Lock talked about their small cozy scene Witch Cafe made during one of the courses at CGMA: idea development, different approaches to texturing, the use of a 2.5D art technique, and lighting.


Finn Stevens-Lock

Published on

Nov 25, 2020

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