Creating Sova from Valorant with Blender, ZBrush & Marvelous Designer

Caterina Sumalla talked about making the 3D recreation of Sova from Valorant, discussed including Blender into the character art workflow, and told us about using the FlowMap to add the hair shine.


Caterina Sumalla

Published on

Nov 09, 2021

Creating a Realistic Portrait of Thomas Pesquet

A 3D Character Artist at Ubisoft Arthur Gatineau shared the workflow used in creating a realistic portrait of a French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, talked about tools that were used, and shared some tips on nailing likeness.


Arthur Gatineau

Published on

Oct 06, 2021

Recreating the Soulflame Cutlass from Sea Of Thieves in 3D

Manuel Arjones talks about becoming a self-taught 3D artist, discusses the process of creating the Soulflame Cutlass, and explains how the mysterious turquoise ghostly glow effect was achieved.


Manuel Arjones

Published on

Aug 13, 2021

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