Creating an Old British Building Facade in Substance Designer

Lars Bouaraba shared the workflow for his latest procedural material Old British Building Facade: generating bricks, window arches and windows with the dirt effect, elevated elements, and more.


Lars Bouaraba

Published on

Dec 01, 2020

Creating a Cloth Padded Wall in Substance Designer

Maxime Guyard-Morin discussed step-by-step how he created a procedural Cloth Padded Wall material in Substance Designer and rendered it in Marmoset Toolbag as well as shared a few resources for studying the software.


Maxime Guyard-Morin

Published on

Nov 24, 2020

Death Stranding-Style Scene: Assets, Vegetation, Composition Workflow

Michael Gerard did a breakdown of his Death Stranding-inspired scene and discussed his approach to working with Megascans assets, creating materials in Substance Designer, shared his workflow on vegetation in SpeedTree, talked about lighting setup and landscape composition. 


Michael GERARD

Published on

Nov 19, 2020

Volcanologist's Lab: Texturing Assets and VFX Production

Alec Tucker did a breakdown of his Volcanologist's Lab scene, inspired by Death Stranding, shared his workflow with modifying Megascans assets using Mixer, discussed the material workflow, and briefly talked about VFX production. 


Alec Tucker

Published on

Nov 12, 2020

Sci-Fi Mat: Mastering Material Production in Substance Designer

Carlos Perfume-Garcia discussed the production of his Sci-Fi material made in Substance Designer, talked about the presentation in Marmoset, shared his approach to working with material structure, revealed biggest challenges, and his ways of learning the software.


Carlos Perfume-Garcia

Published on

Nov 09, 2020

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