Money and Games Weekly Digest: March 16-20, 2015
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Money and Games Weekly Digest: March 16-20, 2015
23 March, 2015

Last week (March 16-20, 2015) was incredibly loud in terms of deals and money. Here we talk about about the “mobile” Nintendo, stats of Dying Light, the acquisition of the marketing giant MobPartner for $58 and other cool stuff.

Dying Light Shows Numbers

In just 45 days 3.2 million people have been infected by Techland’s newest zombie survival horror game, Dying Light. Players used parkour to traverse their way around abandoned towns to kill 378,672,587 zombies and rescue 5,333,912 civilians. Now that’s 373,338,675 more deaths than I would like to hear about, but what can you do? They’re zombies. Here are some extra stats for you inquisitive viewers, compliments of Techland:


Dying Light Stats © @DyingLightGame, 2015

Looking at the statistics, you can see why Dying Light was crowned the best-selling game in France, Poland, Sweden, and the United States making it Techland’s most succesful game to date. The game has over 3,2 million users.

Nintendo and DeNA Go Mobile

Next in news, Nintendo is partnering with DeNA (a platform providing social games, e-commerce and other web services for PCs and mobile devices) to finally try to catch up in the mobile gaming market. By ignoring the growth of the mobile gaming industry for so many years, Nintendo has a lot to catch up on. The company is used to being at the forefront of the industry they are involved in but this time they are behind. Now they are getting ready to launch games using Nintendo intellectual properties.


DeNA and Nintendo CEOs shake hands

Although Nintendo continues to make money, its console sales (WiiU) are behind Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If only Nintendo knew that the revenue of mobile games would eventually exceed the revenue of the whole console software market, they just might have continued to keep their reputation as innovators. It’s not too late though Nintendo. Keep on pushing.

Cheetah Mobile bought MobPartner

Staying on the topic of mobile industry, Cheetah Mobile spends $58 million to buy MobPartner (premium mobile affiliate network that offers advertisers performance-based Marketing Campaigns and assists with monetization). The Chinese company’s reasoning for this is that MobPartner will help target more advertisers, publishers, and developers.


According to MobPartner they are active in 200 countries and and have over 10,000 publishers worldwide, allowing them to reach over 200 million mobile users and over 18 billion impressions per month. On top of that, Cheetah Mobile’s current value is at $2.64 billion and they announced that they have 340 million people using their products each month. If you had a classroom full of elementary school children, there wouldn’t be enough fingers to count even 1% of these numbers. It makes sense why these two companies would join together.

Tencent Prints Money


Naspers (a global platform operator with principal operations in internet services) in 2001 took a chance with a Chinese start-up company called Tencent. After 14 years since the acquisition, Naspers now owns 34% of Tencent. Also, Tencent’s shares recently surged to an all new high causing the company to be valued at R2-trillion. Tencent’s stock has risen 21% this year before yesterday’s trading. Looks like Naspers made a great investment.


More news on the way. Hope you like this little digest. Tell us what you think? What should we add? Maybe we’ve missed something?


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