Asset Packs for Halloween Projects

Today we've gathered top-rated brushes, assets, reference packs, and 3D ready-for-print models to make your Halloween projects bright and inspiring. 

Game Assets

This pack allows creating multiple unique environments for your frightful Halloween scenes. 

It contains: 

33 modular gravestone assets, 20 preassembled gravestone prefabs, 5 stone graves, 4 columns, 9 shrooms, 2 trees, 2 buckets, 7 candles, 3 coffins, 4 carved pumpkins, 9 bones, including skull, ribs, and pelvis, 3 spiderwebs, streetlamp, witch hat. 

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Collection includes:

  • Bandana (bandanna/kerchief) with sunglasses
  • Abstract zipped winter hood
  • Halloween / Bitard paper mask
  • Kanye West (Donda era look-a-like) mask
  • Buff and hat (fleece combo)
  • Face mask (covid era) with sunglasses
  • Ski mask / tactical / balaclava
  • Fetish leather mask
  • Spy from Team Fortress 2 look-a-like
  • Bandit / Terror / balaclava
  • Medieval hooded mask
  • "Open face" sci-fi balaclava
  • Zorro look-a-like 

The pack includes 5 characters, ready to be used for your Halloween projects. The characters are not animated, still have a humanoid rig that works with Unity. 


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The package includes: 

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Nature
  • Technology
  • Abstract & Decoration
  • Scary illustrations
  • Bark Crack Brushes 

This complete tentacle pack allows quickly create complex tentacled monstrosities, octopi, and other beings. This pack can save your time and inspire you to create something unique. 

  • Zbrush Curve brush 1 & 2:  19 Tentacles with constant width and unique endpoints (heads), one oriented from above, the other from the side, so you can conveniently choose the angle you need. 
  • Zbrush Curve brush 3 & 4:  35 Tentacles with falloff along the curve becoming smaller towards the tip, the other from the side for easy switching between two orientations (note that some in the first two brushes appear in this brush again, for an alternate falloff version).
  • Zbrush sub tool file with all the source meshes
  • Zbrush sub tool file with all tentacles drawn out straight, for retopology/baking/rigging in other software
  • OBJs of all source meshes
  • OBJs of all tentacles drawn out straight, for retopology/baking/rigging in other software 

Special brush for Halloween, perfect for detailing your ghosts, devils, and various killing machines. 

The pack includes 40 hand-sculpted horror-themed brushes. 


These references are mostly full-length images on a white background with a mixture of standing and sitting poses. The images' backgrounds include pumpkins, cloaks, brooms, orbs, and books. 

The reference pack contains 350 high-rez pictures with a female zombie character. It includes full-body shots, as well as various portrait close-ups with different lighting setups and SFX makeup textures. 

3D Print Models 

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