AWS Thinkbox Products Are Now Available for Free

Thinkbox tools that simplify rendering, VFX, and simulation workflows include Deadline, Draft, Krakatoa, Frost, XMesh, Sequoia, and Stoke.

Thinkbox announced that its AWS products for digital content creation Deadline, Draft, Krakatoa, Frost, XMesh, Sequoia, and Stoke are now available for free. The decision aims to deliver greater access and more value to artists and studios.

Thinkbox tools simplify rendering, VFX, and simulation workflows:

  • Deadline is a render farm management software that helps studios optimize and scale their compute resources;
  • Draft is used for simple post-render compositing tasks;
  • Krakatoa is a volumetric particle rendering toolkit;
  • XMesh is a mesh caching solution;
  • Frost is utilized for generating a single mesh from particles;
  • Stoke is a particle simulation tool,
  • Sequoia creates geometry from point cloud data acquired from laser scanners, photogrammetry, and other sources.

Once your Deadline license expires and you upgrade to the newest version of the software, you will no longer need floating licenses or Usage Based License (UBL) hours.

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