Creating Procedural Vehicles in Unreal Engine

Yarrawah Interactive has published assets with interactable vehicles that include multiplayer support. 

The Yarrawah Interactive is working on creating photo-realistic assets inspired by The Last of Us scenes that can be easily added to similar half-abandoned and destroyed environments. 

The assets contain animations, sound effects, and particles, that can be drag-and-dropped into your scenes and projects, without requiring additional materials. 

Core features of the assets: 

Custom Skeleton and Skeletal Mesh
The vehicles have custom skeletons with bones for each wheel, each door, steering wheel, and gear stick.

Interior and Foliage
For each vehicle, the asset includes high detailed interior, bottom/base, and engine. Mesh simulations are completed outside of UE and imported allowing a vehicle to be cluttered with over 15 different leaf variations and 7 cinematic quality mossy coverage variations.

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Sound Effects and Particles
The assets have sound effects that imitate the sound of the falling leaves and a working engine. While you're interacting with the vehicles the doors creak, the glass shatters with a satisfying effect, and the engine roars.

Smart Actors
These actors can detect player distance, and use almost no resources when idle. There is logic to prevent doors from opening unintentionally or leaves from spawning when they shouldn't. 

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