Dragon Ball Sales Brought Bandai Over $1 Billion Last Year

Bandai Namco's earnings for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2021, reached ¥740.9 billion ($6.8 billion), and Dragon Ball makes up a sixth of the total sales.

The Japanese publisher released the official financial report according to which there was a 2.3% increase in net sales compared to the previous fiscal year. The company's gross profit grew by a little over 8% from ¥261 to ¥282 billion. Its operating profit increased from ¥78.8 to ¥84.7 billion. 

Just like Square Enix, Bandai Namco experienced a rise in the segment of digital games and a downfall in the segment of amusement. Their earnings in the sphere of amusement went down from ¥92 to ¥64 billion due to the pandemic. During the fiscal year 2021, Bandai Namco had to close 44 amusement facilities worldwide. The company, however, experienced an increase in the area of toys and hobbies where the sales grew by over 16% (from ¥253.7 to ¥296 billion).

Bandai Namco's most dedicated fans are mostly from Japan, as the company's earnings on the Japanese market are about 10 times bigger than their sales on any other major market. Though, the interest of the European gamers in Bandai's products grew by 23% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Speaking of the company's latest releases, 44 new titles were launched in Japan in the course of the fiscal year 2021 (3.4 million units sold), 25 games were released in the Americas (16.2 million units sold), and 34 games were launched in Europe (21.7 million units sold). That is, Bandai Namco sold 41.4 copies across over 50 games in total. 

When it comes to Bandai's games, Dragon Ball undoubtedly takes the crown as the absolute hit among the company's products. Even though there is a slight decrease in Dragon Ball's popularity compared to the previous fiscal year, its sales ¥127.4 which is even a little more than a sixth of the total earnings for the fiscal year 2021. The second most popular title is Mobile Suit Gundam with ¥95 billion in sales.

The company is expecting to see an almost 10% drop in the sales in its network department that includes games. At the same time, according to Bandai's forecast, they are planning to see a rise in the earnings in the segment of visual and music production as well as amusement (60% and 31% respectively). 

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