Elias 3.3 Software for Game Composers is Now Available

Elias Software released a new version of its tool for creating adaptive game soundtracks which supports Unreal Engine and Unity.

As the developers of the software emphasize, Elias was created "for composers, by composers." It makes the tricky process of assembling high-quality video game soundtrack a bit easier with its tools for creating adaptive music and interactive sound design for the games.

Elias Software CEO Kristofer Eng explains that the big problem sound engineers and composers around the world face every day is the exhausting process of testing their soundtrack in the game. Instead of focusing on the artistry, on the flow of the melody, on the harmony of sounds, they have to battle with coding and defeat endless applications. Elias aims to solve this issue and make their workflow much more effortless.

Elias 3.3 features major updates to the whole stingers system to make it possible to stop a stinger. Another tool you can get a taste of in the new version of Elias is Project Harmony Beta 1. This is a brand new sound FX engine the Elias team has been working on and a full release is expected next year but you can try it out now in Elias 3.3. One more thing you will see in the latest update is the new demo level called "The Theatre" where you can edit the sounds literally on the go as you play the game.

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