Fans Are Remaking Team Fortress 2 on Source 2

The original game will get shiny new PBR materials and a bunch of other updates.

A team of Team Fortress 2 fans is remaking the game using s&box, the spiritual successor of Garry’s Mod based on the Source 2 engine. The toolkit works pretty much like Garry’s Mod letting creators build whatever they want using a number of tools.
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"We are all big TF2 fans here, most of us have sunk hundreds or even thousands of hours into this game. So, we have decided that we are going to try to answer that exact question - we want to rebuild Team Fortress 2 mechanics, port all the assets from the base game to the new engine and see how different it can look and feel from the original game," wrote the team. "This is what TF:S2 is about. Our goal is to remake, improve, iterate, and create a new Team Fortress experience on Source 2 engine using s&box."

The team's goal is to rebuild every single mechanic to feel similar to the base game, but also change some things and enhance the original project using new possibilities. For example, the team plans to upgrade the game's interface. Source 2 includes tools to automatically import and convert Source 1 assets into Source 2 and they have converted the original maps, materials, models, and particles, but they will also have to fix a lot of assets manually.

Source 2 relies on PBR instead of Phong Shading so the original materials will be remade in Source 2 for a new fresh look. You can learn more about the project here

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