Game of War earns $1m daily thanks to Kate Upton Ads
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by Protopop
4 hours ago

I love World Creator, especially the vegetation distribution pipeline. You can create some very realistic fields with it. Im going to check out impostors too - ive seen it a few times and wondered what it's about.

by Steve W
5 hours ago

Stupid Rental. My Zbrush that I haven't paid for an update in years and is perpetual Trumps that on all counts.

by Nameku
8 hours ago


Game of War earns $1m daily thanks to Kate Upton Ads
6 April, 2015

LA Time reports that a massive marketing campaign for Game of War: Fire Age with TV-ads featuring famous beauty Kate Upton proved to be an enormous success. The ads helped to increase the game’s daily revenue to about $1 million.

The sexy series of short videos with Kate Upton was first shown in November last year. The clips were aired 9,000 times and were shown even during Super Bowl. It seems like men got very interested in the game and the girl. Developers from Machine Zone state that the game’s in-game purchases nearly doubled since the beginning of the campaign.



Kate Upton ©, 2015

The whole campaign was really expensive. thinks that Machine Zone spent nearly $80 million to air scantily clad supermodel and her virtual warriors.


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  • Game-of-War-kate-upton-80lv
  • Game-of-War-kate-upton-80lv
  • Game-of-War-kate-upton-80lv

Right now Game of War holds the second place on the iOS highest grossing games. Clash of Clans is still the leader. We guess these millions were a worthy investment.



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