How Do eSports Gamers and Mainstream Gamers Differ?
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How Do eSports Gamers and Mainstream Gamers Differ?
9 October, 2015

The market for eSports is progressively growing at a rapid rate and a report done by market research firm EEDAR highlights differences between eSports gamers and mainstream gamers with 1,000 PC gamers for each side.

esports-80lvThis Consumer Analysis was done to analyze the behavior of gamers that play eSports games. In their words, there is “immense untapped opportunities for advertisers to reach mid-20s consumers who are enthralled with digital competition.”

  • teamfight1-80lv
  • LOL-80lv
  • LOL-3-80lv

EEDAR’s business analyst, Ed Zhao, made a comment about the MOBA genre of games (such as League of Legends and Dota 2) being the biggest games in eSports whereas shooters such as Counter-Strike: GO (CS:GO) haven’t been discovered for its potential. If you look at the ESL ONE Cologne 2015 tournament in August, there was 1.3 million viewers online, which is a record. Zhao brought up that something like this is a good predictor of the future. Shooters like CS:GO will continue to grow and can turn into something as big as the MOBA eSports games.

dota2-80lvThe EEDAR report also showed the male to female ratio for mainstream and eSports games. Overall, PC gamers are at 64% male, however, certain eSports titles are even more dominated by men. For Dota 2, CS:GO, and Smite, you’ll find that over 75% of players are male. On the other hand, when you look at bigger games like League of Legends or Call of Duty, there are about 70% males, which is slightly less than the MOBA genre of games and Counter Strike. Something interesting is that for console fighting games like Street Fighter lV and Super Smash Bros, the number was lower at 66%.

  • csgo-1-80lv
  • csgo-2-80lv
  • csgo-3-80lv
  • csgo-4-80lv

There were also comparisons done for advertising. The more popular brands of drinks for players of the shooter genre prefer Monster, Red Bull, and Coke. However, when it came to MOBA players and products, they chose Logitech and Razer above all else.

Another interesting thing that Zhao noted was the level of investment that eSports players had for their games versus mainstream gamers. eSports gamers were much younger, spent more time gaming, and spent more money compared to mainstream gamers. And when it comes to socializing and fitness, eSports gamers are way more likely to hang out with their friends and workout.


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