Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K) Launched

Huion has presented the first 13” pen display with 2.5K resolution. 

The Kamvas pro 13 (2.5K) is the upgrade version of the best seller - Kamvas pro 13. The new model improves the resolution to 2.5K resolution. At the same time increase the PPI(pixel per inches) to 226 PPI. Higher PPI often means sharper and finer details. It also helps to reduce visual fatigue. It’s the first 13” pen display in the industry that equips a 2.5K resolution. 


  • Anti-glare glass: The specially treated glass surface is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and no additional protector is needed.
  • Improved color performance: Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) adopts the quantum dot technology and achieves the 145% sRGB color gamut. 16.7 million display colors and 1200:1 contrast rate support artists to render more vibrant and realistic artworks.
  • Full lamination technique
  • Felt Pen Nib: Made with fiber, the felt pen nib increases the friction when drawing and mimics the drawing feeling of a pencil. The felt nib gives you a more controllable drawing experience. Also, the pen became more reliable with PenTech 3.0 enhances the reliability and drawing experience.
  • Full feature USB-C to USB-C cable: Kamvas pro 13(2.5K) supports a single cable connection. Many artists purchase a 13” pen display as their on-the-go device, so the easy connection becomes crucial. The ability to run with a single cable can perfectly match this demand. It can be connected with a 3-in-2 cable, making it more sturdy and stable. 
  • 7 Programmable press keys
  • Pen tablet mode: Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K) also serves as a pen tablet by turning the screen off, offering a more natural and comfortable way of creation.

What’s more:

  • 8192 pen pressure levels
  • 5080LPI
  • 266 PPS
  • ±60° tilt support
  • 178°viewing angle
  • Connectivity to Android mobile devices
  • Windows / MacOS compatible 
  • ST-200 Stand for 20°to 45°adjustment

Standard Package:

  1. The Kamvas pro 13 (2.5K)
  2. Pen PW517
  3. Pen holder PH05F
  4. Standard Pen nips 5x
  5. Felt Pen nips 5x
  6. Pen nip clip
  7. USB-C to USB-C cable(1m)
  8. 3-in-2 cable (1.5m)
  9. Extended Cable (1m)
  10. USB Power Cable (1m)
  11. Foldable Stand ST200
  12. Artist glove
  13. Cleaning cloth
  14. Quick start guide

You may check out all the new features of the tablet here

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