KIRI Engine Released v2.3

The team announced the release of KIRI Engine v2.3, which introduces the quad mesh retopology, texture re-bake, AI-powered PBR generation, as well as texture toning that will enable users to take their 3D modeling capabilities to the next level.

If you're not familiar with KIRI Engine yet, it's an app that uses photogrammetry technologies to capture photo-real 3D models from taking photos around objects. While KIRI Engine is available on iOS, Android, and Web Browsers, it’s one of the scarce options available on Android. Back in October 2022, 3D Artist, Igor Witkowski shared with us an extended overview of his workflow with this tool. 

The team has announced the release of the latest version, v2.3. With this new update, KIRI Engine introduces a range of new features that make it even easier for users to generate high-quality 3D models from photos.

One of the most significant updates is the quad re-mesh and retopology algorithm that can automatically regenerate 3D models in a quad mesh. This allows for smoother mesh surfaces and improved editability of 3D models. Users can also set up quad mesh parameters, such as target quad count and target curve ratio, to achieve the most desired output.

The triangular mesh contains unevenly distributed triangles which will impact the performance of the 3D model

The newly generated quad mesh has a lot smoother mesh surface and can greatly improve the editability of the 3D model

Additionally, KIRI Engine v2.3 allows users to generate 3D models with re-baked textures.

Texture file without texture re-bake

The texture file with texture re-bake is segmented according to its geometrical characteristics

The app comes with an AI that generates PBR materials to include roughness maps, normal maps, and displacement maps on 3D scans, significantly improving the 3D model's performance in rendering. The newly added maps are accessible through the "Advanced Export" option.

The new version also goes with a texture toning feature for users to adjust the texture color scheme and achieve better texture quality. This feature is especially useful when the lighting condition was not ideal during photo taking. According to the developers, it will provide users with a powerful built-in option to fix the texture color in the app.

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