Mega Bundles with 95% Off

Unity Asset Store has announced discounts for huge packages. 

There are 3 Mega Bundles with discounts: the first toolbox for 25 USD includes 3 packages with a series of time-saving tools for data management and display. 

Vault inventory 

Vault Inventory is an extension of Vault Core, designed as an Online Multiplayer Inventory Solution using Mirror as a base for the networking code. Included are solutions for the inventory back end, network code, and all of the UI menu, drag-n-drop, etc.

Better UI

Make your GUI UI resolution-independent and responsive with ease! Create UI fast by using powerful tools. Easily animate your UI and add as many transitions as you need. Make your UI Better!


EnhancedScroller virtualizes your data, showing only the elements it needs to. Take thousands of rows and display them in a handful of UI elements, speeding up processing and saving memory.

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The second bundle includes all the tools above plus 4 more packs to strengthen your game’s foundation:

MonKey - Productivity Commands

MonKey is the ultimate productivity booster and workflow enhancer for Unity, giving you the easiest and the most efficient way to use the editor.

Easy Decal

Easy Decal is the most complete decal system for Unity. Add mesh decals, screen space, and deferred decals to your project.

Forever - Endless Runner Engine

A user-friendly, flexible solution for the generation of linear, procedural levels.

Terrain Grid System

It's an advanced grid generator and territory/cell highlighter with powerful features for both Terrain and 2D grids.

The last bundle is the extended version that includes all the toolsets from the previous two bundles and 11 more tools, the price with 95% discount is 45 USD for 18 toolsets: a mechanism to dig caves and overhangs in your Unity terrains, a tool to animate your character's eyes and eyelids, collection of visual effects for creating space and fantasy worlds scenes, VFX mesh tools and much more. 

You may learn more about these 3 mega bundles and purchase the preferred one here

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