New Way to Support Steam Workshop Creators
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by Ronnybrendo Vieira Lima
2 hours ago

Por favor não parem, trabalho perfeito, nostálgico, me lembra da minha infância com os meus amigos jogando o HL1 e se divertindo. Com essa engine o jogo ficou muito lindo, eu sei que não é fácil fazer este jogo do zero mas eu pagaria qualquer valor caso este jogo esteja a venda no steam, não importa quanto tempo demore.

Can I buy this trees like somewhere?

by Yacob
11 hours ago

hi , i eanted to make your handgun in blender and i fell short on the top curved surface , how do you make that

New Way to Support Steam Workshop Creators
24 April, 2015

The Steam Workshop now allows not only the sharing of creations made (maps, mods, and other items), but the listing and selling of creations is now an option.

This is a new way to support Workshop creators to ensure that they continue to supply the Workshop with high quality items and great experiences.  With this new and efficient process, mods can now be bought directly from the Workshop and then immediately used in game. There is already an unbelievable amount of content that is available to the public for many great games and support for the creators will only multiply that number.

Buying from the Steam Workshop

A great feature of the Steam Workshop is that you can try any mod without any risk. Of course anybody an spend time to do some research but experiencing the product itself is the best way to see if it is useful for you. After purchasing a mod and you find that it is isn’t working according to plan, you can get a refund within 24 hours of the purchase.


Skyrim ©

There are over 24,000 free mods that are available for Skyrim in the Steam Workshop. Mods can be found by specific price, or there are mods that sell as pay-what-you-want based on how much you want to support the creators. Pricing is done by mod creators.

Selling on the Workshop as a Creator

Money is to be made in the Steam Workshop. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or just getting started as an artist or developer. Everyone has an equal chance. Keep in mind the Steam Workshop will take a portion of every sale made. The Workshop Revenue Activity site helps you track sales and revenue made so you can actively make better choices on what creation to release next. There is also an option to split revenue if you’re working as a team. They can be added as contributors to automatically receive a split of the money. Steam takes care of the rest.


Skyrim Mods at the Steam Workshop ©

It’s simple, all you have to do is post your creation through the Skyrim Creation Kit, accept the latest Workshop Terms, input your payment information and configure your item for sale. It will then immediately be visible in the Workshop and able to be bought within seven days.


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