Pornhub’s Traffic Drops Dramatically On Fallout 4’s Release Date
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4 hours ago

$16 for a *very* non-performant material? If this was intended for use in high-detail scenes, not meant for gameplay, one would generally just use a flipbook animation, or looping HD video texture (both of which are higher quality and available for free all over). I love options, but c'mon, that's pretty steep. $5, maybe. And you can loop in materials, using custom HLSL nodes. Also, there are better ways of doing this, all around. Somewhere on the forums, Ryan Brucks (of Epic fame) himself touched on this. I've personally been working on a cool water material (not "material blueprint", thankyouverymuch) and utility functions, and am close to the quality achieved here, sitting at ~180 instructions with everything "turned on". The kicker? It's pure procedural. No textures are needed. So this is cool, no doubt about that. In my humble opinion though, it's not "good". It doesn't run fast, and it's more complicated than it needs to be.

Lee is right - you can use a gradient effect when you vertex paint in your chosen 3d modelling platform (I've done it in max), meaning the wind effect shifts from nothing to maximum along the length of the leaf/branch/whatever.

by Lee Stojkovic
4 hours ago

I'm fairly certain you can vertex paint the bottoms of the foliage and control the movement using vertex colors along with the wind node. I did this in an earlier project and was able to create a scene with grass that moved less and less as it went down until stationary. I created the grass and painted the vertexes black to red (bottom to top) in Maya.

Pornhub's Traffic Drops Dramatically On Fallout 4's Release Date
13 November, 2015

Pornhub, one of the world’s leading adult video sites experienced a dramatic decline in traffic on the release of Fallout 4. Surprised?

Fallout-4-400-hours-80lvPorhub reported to GamesBeat that it saw a 10% drop in traffic among gamers following the Fallout 4 release. On November 10th around 5:00 AM, traffic to Pornhub’s site started to drop after majority of gamers finished the download and install of Fallout  4. The decrease in visitors continued to drop until 3:00 PM and then again at 6:00 pm.

We can’t say we’re too surprised with what happened to our traffic during peak gaming hours. Based on the data, it looks like a huge surge of people decided to indulge in some wasteland wandering by taking the day off of work and school to play, while the rest of the world had to wade through what we assume were the longest hours of work ever in anticipation of some alone time with their consoles.
~ Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub

So many fans have been waiting for so long for Fallout 4 and it became one of the biggest releases of the year. Publisher Bethesda said that 12 million copies of the game have already been shipped. At its peak, there was over 400,000 people playing Fallout 4 simultaneously and the number rests on an average of 350,000. Price has also said that he is a huge fan of the game and understands people trading “Pornhub time for some Pip-Boy surfing” and that he would have done the same.

On another note, gamers went back to Pornhub and the numbers skyrocketed around 11:00 PM on November 10th. It’s understandable because if you stay too long in the vault… there can be a lot of pent up energy.


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