Precise Depth Estimation and Flexible App Development With ARCore 1.24

Google announced two important updates for ARCore at Google I/O 2021.

ARCore 1.24 is a major upgrade from the previous version of the tool. First, it features Raw Depth API which allows you to capture a more accurate representation of physical objects in a scene. It also provides the users with a confidence image that can be used to filter depth data and sort out the low-confidence measurements.

The second feature is the Recording and Playback API which allows the developers to work on their AR apps faster. Because AR apps require endless testing in certain environments it can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. With this new feature, developers can record video footage with IMU and depth sensor data and then use it to recreate a similar environment for testing. There is no need to run around to get fresh footage, as the video can be used as a template and the objects can be added later.

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