Sceneri Announces the Release of Its 0.3 Version

In this release, the team focused on the core interaction model within the touch interfaces to improve the experience of designing and playing in Sceneri. The latest version reportedly brings vehicles to the platform and more neat updates. 

Sceneri is a platform for creating, playing, and sharing user-generated games on mobile and desktop. The platform is being optimized to target the full suite of available Apple devices, keeping the engine lightweight and modular to run on low to high-end hardware.

Previously the company mentioned several solutions that can ease the work of game developers: a publishing process streamlined with game services provided by LootLocker backend, a fully multi-threaded asynchronous job system similar to Doom: Eternal, deferred renderer on mobile, PBR materials and post-processing, and integrated BI solution for the marketplace and game insights.

Back in November, the Sceneri team announced the first invites to the closed beta with a focus on testing the key toolset and platformer-style gameplay. 

In this recent release, the team concentrated on the core interaction model within the touch interfaces to make sure the experience of designing and playing in Sceneri is as fluid as possible. Along with the interaction, they have opened up the player options to support driveable vehicles within this release. 

Along with the updates, the team has added 2 new samples: Buggy Bash for vehicle physics and Robo Runner highlighting the different components available to use for game mechanics.

Among the key updates, the new version includes: 

  • Improved interaction
  • Revamped UI 
  • Reworked gizmo
  • Virtual controllers and vehicles
  • Inspector and Add Components
  • Emissive materials
  • Sample distribution shadow maps

The virtual controller allows for joysticks to be laid over the screen when you are in play mode to drive movement. Within all samples, the developers provide a virtual controller for the vehicle driving and the standard character move/jump actions. In the sample below you will find the new vehicle implementation located within Buggy Bash.

Sample Distribution Shadow Maps are a major upgrade from the previous shadow implementation. Shadows inside of scenes are now very crisp and supply hard shadows.

You may view the full list of updates here. And, don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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