The Chainsaw Game and Music Festival Announced

Global game publishers, developers, music composers, and filmmakers will join Chainsaw Game and Music Festival and Awards this December. 

The Chainsaw Game and Music Festival is the digital and worldwide award that brings together the world's best Games, Music, and Films of all genres into an international event to share new worlds and unique audiovisual experiences among the best across industries. The event will be hosted on December 17-18. The conference features artists, developers, and professionals from all over the world who want to share their unique perspectives into personal audience experiences. The focus of the festival is to take audiences to new worlds from the minds of the world's best creatives. The awards of the Chainsaw Game and Music Festival honor the achievements of game developers, musicians, and filmmakers from around the world who collaborate and apply their unique creative power to share unique worlds and experiences.  

'It’s the 3rd year of the Chainsaw Game and Music Festival, and we are excited to continue to bring the world together again to celebrate everything we love about games, game music, and film. During the festival week in December, live and free across all platforms, game, music, and film fans will gather to find cutting-edge games and films from developers, publishers, and filmmakers from around the world.', says the festival's team.

About the Chainsaw Game and Music Festival 

The Chainsaw Game and Music Festival celebrates excellence in game, film, and music, featuring cutting-edge video games from the world’s top game developers and platforms. Last year’s Chainsaw Game and Music Festival featured Baldur's Gate III as the game of the year and Kodansha VR lab's Last Dance as the best VR film. The festival is hosted by Modifier Group, which also hosts the Overcome Festival, The Overcome Game Awards, and Overcome Film Festival. These festivals featured Darq as a game of the year as well as many Oscar, BAFTA, and Cannes winners and participants such as Oscar Isaac, Alia Shawkat, director Yorgos Lanthimos, Matt Dillon, and Franco Nero.  

You may submit your artwork and participate in the award as well as learn more about the festival here

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