The Lion King Movie Gets A Cartoon Look With DeepFake

The Lion King Movie Gets A Cartoon Look With DeepFake

Artists Nikolay Mochkin and Jonty Pressinger have recently teamed up to set up a Lion King DeepFake short which mixes 1994 original and the remake in a way that makes you feel nostalgy.

We got only 18 seconds, but these remade versions of Simba, Scar, Nala, Timone, and Pumba look amazing. Still, you have to admit that the movie itself is one of the best looking CG adaptations to date.

It is worth noting that the live-action remake has the biggest opening weekend ever for any Disney remake with $185 million from 5,000 North American cinemas and $269 million worldwide.

It is also the second-best US domestic debut of 2019. Critics might not be huge fans, but it’s still an impressive project by Jon Favreau.

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  • William 1Nakata

    I really like the DeepFakes version. The characters have more appeal. The remake looks like real animals. Its nice to see what it could have been if they took a more animated Look with a CG Rendering style


    William 1Nakata

    ·3 months ago·
  • Tey

    I absolutely loved the DeepFakes version of this



    ·3 months ago·

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