The Signal From Tölva: Exploration With Robots & Guns
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Curious as to bipedal proportions, especially, as there seems to be good stylized, even with larger than life heads, eyes, yet they look "good". Is there a chart like there is for proper anatomy for drawing? It'd be great to see a comparison even though I realize there are many forms of stylized. I think that'd make a great article.

by QmisMan
3 hours ago

it's awesome

Your link to the Substance file on polycount is broken, the correct link is:

The Signal From Tölva: Exploration With Robots & Guns
11 April, 2017
The development team behind ‘Sir You Are Being Hunted’ is working on a new first person shooter with deep exploration elements.

The Signal From Tölva is an open-world first-person shooter set on a distant, haunted, future world. You are required to unlock savage weapons and recruit robots, fight rival factions. Your main goal is to find the source of a mysterious signal.

The game is developed by Jim Rossignol and his team (5 people in total). Jim is a game journalist, who contributed a lot for Rock, Paper, Shotgun. However, he also wanted to build games (and not just criticize them). This is how Big Robot was born. Their first game Sir You Are Being Hunted was released in May 2014. It was well-received and praised by crowd-funding backers. 

The Signal From Tölva has a lot of the same kind of vibe, but it is a completely different game. It feels a bit like a sci-fi version of STALKER. You go out exploring some strange ruins, hunt down enemies and just wander about enjoying this strange journey.

The game has just been released, and there are some tiny issues with performance, but the developers are working on another patch, which will hopefully help to solve all those issues. Looks very interesting!

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