Twitch Streamers Request the Platform to Change Revenue Split

Streamers appeal to Twitch to change the current 50/50 split and lower payout minimums, however, the platform is reportedly unable to do it.

Twitch streamers request the platform to change revenue split to a fairer one and lower payout minimums. A post by SaltyWyvern on Twitch's UserVoice where the user appeals to the platform became the most supported idea on the forum.

Currently, the live streaming service offers a 50/50 split in revenue with streamers on channel subscriptions. So, getting $5 from a viewer subscribed to a streamer's channel, only $2.5 goes to a streamer. Previously, Dezirablegamer, a Twitch streamer, already complained about the situation on Twitter, calling the 50% model ”crazy”, and lots of Twitch's UserVoice users also support the idea of demanding a higher revenue split.

In comparison, YouTube and Facebook Gaming seem to be more streamer-friendly. YouTube offers a 70/30 split giving the streamers various ways how to monetize their streams. Facebook Gaming also offers a revenue split of 70/30, however, it is applied only to subscriptions purchased on desktop, though it allows streamers to set the subscription price.

However, Sam Chen, a former employee for Twitch/Amazon explained that the platform can’t pay streamers more per subscription. On his Twitter, he clarified that, first of all, big streamers like xQc, Shroud, and Nickmercs are a “loss leader” for Twitch meaning that they cause great losses for the platform. "Every time someone who averages 5k (probably lower) goes live, Twitch loses money. Their paid subs will never be enough," he said. And mid-streamers make up for that loss. "Twitch cannot be profitable without maximizing revenue from this group", according to Chen. He also claimed that smaller streamers might "make back what they cost Twitch" as ad revenue may help to host them. 

At the moment, Twitch streamers complain are based on the fact that with the current revenue split, the top Twitch streamers earn millions of dollars, while smaller streamers do not benefit from the platform's financial support.

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