Unity Asset Store: Top-Reviewed Tools for Animation

Have a look at 3 Unity powerful editors with solutions for creating a realistic animation for your project. 

The asset is created by professional game animators. It's designed with a focus on side-scrolling games. All animations are root motions, so they move naturally without any control. The model is a humanoid rig and uses 5 fingers.

Core features

  • Animation for side-scrolling
  • All animation root motion
  • 11 types of weapon action
  • Designed to create a variety of attack combos

This set is an animation package inspired by the Dark Souls series. 

The asset includes 

  • 4-way directional damage animations (left, right, back, front)
  • Light, heavy, and charged attacks 
  • Running, jumping, and backstep attacks
  • Weapon hips
  • 8-way walking blocking locomotion
  • Block attack and break guard
  • Death animation, etc. 
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This powerful animation editor for animating any type of 3D model right inside Unity reduces development time by tuning animations even while being in play mode.

The main features

  • FBX Export on Windows and Intel-based Mac OSX 
  • Unity Timeline Integration
  • Import Mocap and 3rd Party Animations
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Child-Of Constraint

The team has prepared a series of educational content to share the cutting-edge techniques and tips and tricks for animators: UMotion General - Video Tutorials, UMotion Professional - Video Tutorials, UMotion "In Practice" - Video Tutorials.

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