Viewing 3D without 3D Glasses
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by Vilaskis
3 hours ago

Thank you Richard. If I find some more ways to improvise for optimization, then I'll tell you definitely

by janelle
4 hours ago

would love to see the substance graph.

by Richard
6 hours ago

The visual shader system will be great for modular asset pack makers. You see some incredibly high quality modular asset packs on the Unreal store, whilst the ones for Unity are so-so, which I think is down to the ease of creating shaders on Unreal vs Unity. Alternatively you have to make your shaders in something like Uber Shader system which immediately splits your customer base.

Viewing 3D without 3D Glasses
14 July, 2015

Sandeep Khera is a 3D engineer for AHED 3D Technology, an Australian-based company. It’s the company’s first time at E3 and Sandeep’s first time in America. We had a chat about what AHED is and what services they provide.


AHED 3D Technology

We’ve been in development for around 10 years and this is one of the first times we’re showing it off at any conference. We have developed our own video-combining and video-playback software. With this, we have developed lenticular lenses suitable from 23″ to 50″, HD and 4k versions incorporating BGR/RGB/4k selections.

We’ve been making technology for both hardware and software to allow people to view 3D without 3D glasses. We have video content rendering and proprietary software and we’re also in the process of creating a dev kit for developers to be able to jump on board and create games that run in 3D without glasses as well.

We’ve made some tech demos, made in the Unity game engine. We’ve gone and used our own code, and the rest was done through Unity.

That is very scalable to other game engines and other code bases as well.



AHED 3D technology has the ability to render content and games in real-time (on the fly) via a game/3d engine. This method and code can be implemented on most mage engines and can be re-written to any major codebase for implementation into a proprietary engine.

Our system can work on any screen resolution as well as spanned over multiple monitors in any configuration.

Cell Phone

Our technology currently works on android mobile phone devices, regardless of screen resolution or LED arrangement, and can be created for any physical screen size or existing phone. This does not affect the touch screen in any way.

Video Walls


Video walls can be created at any size, and can scale in resolution based on the amount of monitors used to create the array, this can be created in any aspect ratio (is not specific to 16:9, 4:3 etc), on any LED arrangement, with any size LEDs.

No glasses 3D Televisions

Our technology can be used with any existing televisions on the market, and can run 3D video content as well as real-time content. This has no effect on 2d content and therefore the television can be used in 2d as per normal.

Live Camera

AHED 3D is currently working on a camera system that can film 3D both as video and in real-time for TV broadcast. We are also working on a system to depth map existing 2d content as 3D.



AHED 3D is currently working on a cinema screen, either as a large scale monitor or as a cinema projection method. Ahed 3D technology uses its own proprietary video playback and 3D content creation software that is needed in order to create 3D via the lenticular stereoscopic display


Sandeep Khera, 3D Engineer, AHED 3D Technology

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