Walcom Introduces New Cintiq Pro 27 Pen Display

The device features a 4K display that can refresh at 120 Hz and ships with the Pro Pen 3, the company's next-gen customizable stylus.

Wacom has launched the Cintiq Pro 27, its new touch-enabled 27″ pen display targeted at 2D painting, digital sculpting, 3D animation, game development, and virtual production.

The company describes the new device as "the fastest pen display in the industry" – it features a 4K display that can refresh at 120 Hz which allows the display to react more quickly to users' pen input, so this should significantly reduce the perception of lag when working on the display.

Along with its higher refresh rate, the Cintiq Pro 27 has a smaller desktop footprint than the Cintiq Pro 24. The new display also has higher maximum brightness and a greater range of vertical viewing angles than any of its predecessors.

The new device ships with the Pro Pen 3, the company's next-gen stylus that comes with interchangeable parts so that users could customize the pen's weight, thickness, grip, the number of pen buttons as well as the center of balance.

Wacom claims that the Cintiq Pro 27 has enhanced drawing performance compared to the previous models – according to the company, its parallax has been improved as well as jitter in the corners of the drawing area is now "pretty much non-existent."

The Cintiq Pro 27 features two USB-C ports with one of them being capable of running in DisplayPort Alt mode. Additionally, it has single USB-A, HDMI, and Mini-DP ports. However, the new device lacks the USB 3 ports that its predecessors had.

Wacom stated that the maximum power consumption of the device is 85W (or 15W in sleep mode) – according to the company, this new display can run "pretty much all day" without putting out significant heat.

The Cintiq Pro 27 is priced at $$3,499.95 which is the highest price that Wacom charges for its larger tablets. And if you want to purchase a newly redesigned adjustable stand, it'll cost an additional $499.95. 

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