Workshop: LookDev & Lighting Techniques For Film

The Gnomon Workshop team released a new training course by Miguel Ortega that discusses the creation of cinematic shots. 

The course is based on The Ningyo, an award-winning 30-minute movie from VFX Artist and Director Miguel Ortega. The artist discussed creating two specific shots, giving tips on Nuke, look development, lighting techniques, and some basic concepts.

First, you will learn about using a rock photogrammetry asset by Quixel Megascans, blocking out the lighting, and setting up shaders and textures. Using MASH for Maya, you will master geometry scattering and populating rocks with barnacles for maximum impact. The artist shared techniques for creating tileable materials with Quixel's Mixer for building ocean floors. He also talked about multipass rendering and compositing using Maya and Nuke.

You can learn more and get started here.

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    Workshop: LookDev & Lighting Techniques For Film