Xsens Launches MotionCloud

The company is also offering a new price model.

Xsens launched its MotionCloud platform and reimagined the price model. The new service is said to connect the Xsens user base with cloud computing, delivering rapid cloud-based processing capabilities and automatic Xsens MVN reporting. The team also revealed a newly accessible price model targeting new customers.

One of the biggest things is that MVN users can now run motion capture projects in multiple locations simultaneously around the world. "A creative studio shooting mocap sessions in London can process its data at high speeds using MotionCloud, before sharing that same data with animators in LA to drive the movements of realistic, CG characters. Remote production has never been easier," wrote the team.

The new model is said to bring speeds beyond the capabilities of any individual computer. The team has also introduced a new pricing model for indie studios. "With separate tier systems for Xsens’ hardware, software, and MotionCloud, users can customize their overall package and tailor it to their own individual requirements. For example, users could increase their MotionCloud processing capabilities while opting for the new mid-priced versions of MVN software and hardware in the same customized package. Access to basic MotionCloud services is completely free with increased processing and features available on a subscription basis."

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