Halo Dev 343 Industries Is Reportedly Ditching Slipspace Engine In Favor of UE5

The rumor has it that 343 Industries may be porting the Halo Infinite's battle royale codenamed "Tatanka" to Unreal Engine 5.

Halo developer 343 Industries is reportedly ditching its proprietary Slipspace Engine and switching it to Unreal Engine 5.

The speculation about the matter started from a series of tweets from insider and Windows Central editor Jez Corden who stated that 343 Industries may already be porting the Halo Infinite's battle royale codenamed "Tatanka" to Unreal Engine 5. The journalist also noted that he has yet to confirm this information. Later, Corden, however, deleted those tweets due to the harsh backlash against him. 

Corden's information coincides with last week's rumor shared by YouTuber Sean W who also reported, citing multiple sources, that Halo's Tatanka battle royale-like mode may be moving over to the Unreal Engine.

After Corden removed the initial tweets, he noted that he will further look for some more information on what is going on with Halo Infinite and Tatanka and will probably share more details during this week's Xbox Two podcast. He also added that he was wondering how would progression integration work for the game, if Tatanka would change to Unreal.

Sean W later retweeted Corden's tweets saying that he and Corden are currently working to verify the information they have received from their sources.

Later journalist Jeremy Penter also commented on the matter. He stated that a number of his sources also confirm that 343 Industries decided to abandon the proprietary Slipspace Engine in favor of Unreal.

Slipspace is a new engine from 343 Industries that was first used in Halo Infinite. The company planned to develop it over the years along with the shooter itself. The rumors that the studio plans to ditch Slipspace Engine became known shortly after the technical director David Berger, who was in charge of the engine, left 343 Industries.

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