6088AD Tutorial & Walkthrough

6088AD Tutorial & Walkthrough

Cornelius Dämmric spent 2,5 months building this fantastic cinematic environment. Now you can download it and study!

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We don’t get these kinds of works very often. Just by one look at this render you want to make a game out of it. The project called 6088AD was created by Cornelius Dämmric, who’s been doing some monumental stuff with Cinema 4D (when someone says that C4D lacks in functionality, I always forward works by Cornelius).

After fighting the eternal imposter and keeping expectations on an unhealthy level for almost a year, I can present you the result of my artistic absence. Including a big ass video walkthrough, a few tutorials, a soundtrack (!) and a 3D scene for you to purchase! A huge shoutout and thank you to all my friends who supported me over the course of this project, you kept me sane (for the most part) and I dedicate this to all of you who helped me. A special thanks goes out to Lukas Guziel, Christian Behrendt, Ash Thorp, Raphael Rau, Jonatan Salomonsson, Benedikt Wolters, Moritz Schwind, the people over at Maxon, Quixel, Otoy, Marvelous Designer, Entagma, Daniel, Alex, Richard and the rest of the Industry Workshops crew.

Some technical information: Build in Cinema 4D R18, Octane, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer and DAZ3D. The tutorial includes over 8 hours of timelapses, 1,5 hours video commentary, 3 step by step tutorials, a Soundtrack and a 3D Scene with all the assets and textures.

Cornelius Dämmric

You can purchase the tutorial over at Gumroad. It’s $150, but it’s well worth it. You can use offer code “DELPHER” to get 50$ off (we’re not sure it still works though). Here’s what you get for your money.

Detailed Tutorials

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3 tutorial videos, containing scene management for big scenes, texture projection inside octane for c4d and a tutorial on how to shade a robot without UVs. All tutorials were made with Cinema 4D using Octane for C4D 3.06 as a render engine.

Artist Commentary

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1 video, 1:34 hours long, containing a timelapse with audio commentary by Cornelius Dammrich and music, summarizing the whole project and giving detailed background knowledge of the 2,5 months creation process of the 6088AD artwork.

Comprehensive Timelapse

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9 videos, 8:49 hours long, containing a full timelapse of 6088AD creation process, from start to finish in 9 chapters.

6088AD Scenefiles

One 3D File for C4D, containing all assets and materials and all textures used in the scene.

The scene is almost one gigabyte in size and was rendered with two Titan X (maxwell). It was tested on several workstations and should render with a GTX 1080TI as well. If for some reason the image doesn’t render the whole image, this is due to the size of the scene and its ram usage. You can change that by disabling objects and layers. I cannot guarantee that you can render this scene with all its details on every PC out there – a GTX 980TI won’t be enough, but I encourage you to reshade, rebuild and alter it in every way you like – it’s basically a huge collection of assets for you to play around with.

Cornelius Dämmric

You can use these assets as you wish for your personal projects. If you want to use them in commercial work, please contact the author over at zomax.net/contact.

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