A Pack of Free Octane Materials
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Amazing work!

Great great stuff, thanks alot for this, cleared up a lot for me.

by petr luchko
10 hours ago

awesome work!such works inspire

A Pack of Free Octane Materials
9 October, 2017

Mohamed Daoui has shared a pack of materials he created in Octane. 15 materials are waiting for you in the set. The artist has also added materials like dirt and rust for you to create different substances by mixing them.

Special thanks to:

Quixel team for their amazing shader ball that I used 

Grant Warwick for his shader ball which is included in the c4d scene 

I have also included the corona shader ball from corona-materials.de 

I also included a modified Quixel shader ball with octane logo on it if you want to use it 

also big thanks to Threedscans for the awesome dog scan that I used as a testing object 

Texturelib for their textures 

Hdrlabs for their HDRI

Mohamed Daoui 

The artist mixed the dirt material with the rusted metal (both included). Experiment with them or dissect to learn more: 

The layout that he used to create these materials: 

Source: Gumroad

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