AI invented new paint colors. They’re Not Great.
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That helmet tho I think that one is spot on with kinda like a classic feel to it.

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If I'm not mistaken, in the canon Samus can form the suit around her with her mind. In that case it's not necessary to make the suit industrial-looking (or the arm cannon that big) or have the paint stripes mentioned above, since Samus doesn't have to go buy parts to weld in place to upgrade anything. Also those glow plugs (bolts?) look bad, I get the blizzard look but I would change those and make them not come out of the suit like that. Something that wouldn't be necessary for someone that can form the suit around them.

AI invented new paint colors. They're Not Great.
19 May, 2017
Neural network lover Janelle Shane conducted an experiment, asking computer to generate some colors and names for them. It didn’t end well.

Ok, so there’s this scientist Janelle Shane, who’s running a pretty interesting blog. Although she has background in imaging and optics, she also enjoys tinkering with modern AI algorithms. Most recently she decided to use neural networks to invent new paint colors and give them attractive names. For this experiment, she gave the neural network a list of about 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint colors along with their RGB values. The system was given the task to come up with new colors and appropriate names for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out.

ArsTechnica reports that Janelle chose the algorithm called char-rnn, which predicts the next character in a sequence. Neural network was coming up with sequences of letters to form color names, and coming up with sequences of numbers that map to an RGB value. The algorithm was able to create colors long before it could actually name them. Unfortunately. the names were incredibly dreary and the colors themselves appeared incredibly bleak.

You can read more about this experiment in Janelle’s blog.

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