Autodesk Reveals 3ds Max 2023.1

Check out the updates available in the latest update to the modeling and rendering software. 

Autodesk has launched 3ds Max 2023.1, the latest version of its industry-standard 3D modeling and rendering software. Among other things, the update brings a new workflow for spline extrusion in the viewport, improves Morpher Modifier Performance, and more. 

First, users can now extrude spline segments or vertices and clone spline segments directly in the viewport. To do that, you need to hold down [Shift] or [Ctrl] + [Shift] when using the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools. Please note that the workflow is supported on Line, Editable Spline, and Edit Spline objects.

If you use the Editable Spline or an Edit Spline modifier, changing a Spline Vertex type to Smooth, Bezier, or Bezier Corner automatically adjusts the adjacent spline segments to a curve type.

As for the Morpher modifier, used to create realistic morph target-based animations, it brings significant animation performance improvements that enhance the Viewport playback of any morph animation. The team noted that this will "considerably benefit your ability to review and iterate upon your work". 

The latest version brings improved support and compatibility to save newly created or edited Material Libraries to the current or previous versions of 3ds Max using a new "Save as type" option found in the Material Editor.  

What's more, there is a new "Zoom Extents on Isolate" mode in the Isolate Selection Tool below the Time Slider in 3ds Max. "When activated, 3ds Max will isolate the selected objects in the scene and perform a Zoom Extents Selection on the result. When exiting from Isolate Mode, 3ds Max will return to the previous Zoom level in the Viewport. This will enhance how you use the Isolate Selection tool to focus on a specific object selection across workflows," wrote the team. 

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