Bloodborne Reimagined with PS1 Graphics

Check out the first 10 minutes of Bloodborne PSX being developed by Lilith Walther.

Game Developer Lilith Walther has released the first 10 minutes of the ongoing Bloodborne PSX project. The video shows off an overhauled main menu complete with the title screen and 2 locations from the original game – Iosefka's Clinic and The Hunters Dream. It also has a recreation of the intro cutscene with the Blood Minister. According to the author, this is a near-final version of the introduction of Bloodborne PSX, which might indicate that we'll see more of this project in the near future.

"The content in Iosefka's Clinic also has had a lot of polish, as well as a new hunter's tool: the Blood Transfuser. The Blood Transfuser operates the same as the 'd-pad down' blood bullet function in the original game, I just needed it to be converted to a usable item (complete with an all-new item description) as 'd-pad down' is no longer available," comments the author about the changes. "The Hunters Dream has mostly been unchanged outside of 2 additions. The first is the initial messenger weapon granting and the second is a new 'investigate' camera for the inactive Doll. This shows a close-up of whatever is being interacted with to combat the fact that the game resolution is really low and isn't very visible with the default game camera."

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