Captivating Pixel Art from Japan

Captivating Pixel Art from Japan

The artist known as 1041uuu manages to hold your attention with the inanity of daily life. What is the magic behind his 2D artworks?

His art is a combination of nostalgia for 90’s video games and the inanity of daily life. There is something inside these works that feels like a lost piece of some unreleased Nintendo game, but at the same time you detect something too realistic, like you’ve been there and done that. 

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His name is Toyoi Yuuta and he’s been posting GiFs for years. A little is known about the artist known as 1041uuu. Something is unreal about his work, like you’ve stumbled upon a mystery. His Patreon page is marked with the following words: 

I have social anxiety disorder
i have no money
help me


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It’s hard to describe the charisma of his art, but there’s definitely something inside. Find more of his works here or support him on Patreon. By the way, here’s a little tip for those of you, who want to create that amazing snow effect, from Darko Bakula:

In case anyone is wondering how to make snow fall within an eternal loop… one could achieve this with shaders… or a simple movie editor… with a bit of photo editor ofc. One can create snow flakes falling, in different sizes and shapes and in layers that differ in proximity, by that I mean, the ones that are close to the viewer and ones that are farther in the distance (has to be in layers to achieve occlusion and depth)… all of these layers must be tileable, then simply make a plane of great length, apply the texture to it (or use shaders), experiment with number of tiles, I think 3×3 should cut it, as the center tile is the camera tile, the rest are background ones. Move the plane in x and y and record as animation to simulate movement and falling of snow, Offset by, based on how you want the snow flakes to move, then do the same for another layer with different sizes of flakes that simulate depth of flakes being in the distance and maybe even different velocity, so make it move a little bit differently. To spice it up, you could put parts of your artwork into layers to simulate occlusion to enhance that feeling of depth.What you get is snow flakes falling seamlessly ready to be recorded for a gif. Just make sure your offsets are correct so that a snowflake ends where it began ( All the other flakes in a layer will surely do the same) to achieve the illusion of seamless loop. Next up, combine this with rest of your art scene and presto. I like to look at stuff like this and try to dissect how it was made or how I would make it. I think it’s a good exercise.
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    Captivating Pixel Art from Japan