Do’s and Don’ts: Selling Your Assets Online
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If it easy to get Substance working with your Rome Fantasy packs after the changes to Substance? Do we still need to read instructions to get PostProcessing set up? Any other issues with installing your packs on Unity?

by Imarhiagbe Jeffry
11 hours ago

this will be just perfect for my scene


Do's and Don'ts: Selling Your Assets Online
24 July, 2017

Earning some money selling your assets online is a tempting idea, right? You will get some money and your customers will save their time. That’s a win-win situation. But there are some things you should consider while trying to sell your goodies. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts by TurboSquid that might boost your online business’ performance. 

DO create versions of your model that don’t require external plugins.

If your model uses a 3rd party plugin, such as V-Ray, create a version of the model that doesn’t require these plugins. Many customers do not own 3rd party renderers or other plug-ins, so it’s a good idea to create versions that these customers can use, too.

Creating 3d models without

3d_molier International offers his human female skeleton model with a native 3ds Max 2012 file rendered with V-Ray 2.3 and also a Default Scanline version.

DO create display images that show what your model looks like and how it is constructed.

Create several renderings of the model showing it from all angles (these images are called thumbnails on most marketplaces). One thumbnail will be the signature image, the image that shows up in search results. Some marketplaces offer a way to show a full 360 animation of your model. It is highly recommended to include these 360 views. You should also create at least two wireframe images to show how the model is constructed. We recommend that you render some thumbnails without the plug-in renderer to avoid misleading customers who don’t own the renderer. There are several helpful training pages in the TurboSquid artist resources that describe which images to create and how many you should create.

Cartoon boy 3D model includes photos of rigging, wireframes, and expression sheet

DO consider exporting to additional file formats.

Making your 3D model available in a variety of file formats will greatly increase your chances for sales. Most 3D packages can support file format types like FBX, OBJ, and DAE. Be careful with automatic file conversion tools, because they can deliver mixed results. You don’t want your customers to buy a product thinking it will work with their app only to find that you published a broken conversion. Unhappy customers = returned models!

Sci-fi interior 3d model by Cermaka

Cermaka’s beautifully detailed Sci-fi Laboratory Interior includes an FBX and OBJ in addition to the native file format.


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Source: TurboSquid

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