Game Animation: What Happened to Mass Effect?
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by Tawiah Nyamekye
1 hours ago

One of the best personal projects I've seen. Good job!

by adamDe
1 hours ago

amazing skill!! :)

6 hours ago

Thanks for sharing!

Game Animation: What Happened to Mass Effect?
13 April, 2017
Modern game studios have several choices when it comes to animating characters. They can animate every scene and every dialogue by hand or use motion capture to get high-quality interactions. Bioware, meanwhile, can’t animate everything by hand as the studio’s RPG experiences are much bigger than the handcrafted projects of Naughty Dog. So, they have to improvise. That’s why Mass Effect: Andromeda has so many animation problems: faces look tired, eyes are dead… Why did that happen to the latest Mass Effect? Other Bioware games have succeeded, not showing these problems. Why? Take some time to watch this video featuring game animator Daniel Floyd’s talk on the factors that influence faces and dialogue in a massive RPG.

Make sure to share your thoughts on the possible reasons in the comments below. 

Author: Artyom Sergeev


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