LOOOK – New Mixed Reality Studio from Xbox Veterans
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what settings y setup for materails or shaders in marmoset? it's a pbr metalnes?

6 hours ago

https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/mapmagic-world-generator-56762 procedural terrains with nodes released on 2016 Support Pahunov NOT UbiSoft

by Franciszek Zgliński
17 hours ago

9:46 - actually I have a solution for You ;) Try this setup instead of LandscapeCoords node: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N4FMmG4TtRjI8TPTHqD6kKcKolbYGZs0/view

LOOOK - New Mixed Reality Studio from Xbox Veterans
15 April, 2016

AR developer, Asobo Studio and Sébastien Motte and John Howard’s Seattle-based startup teamed up to develop new mixed reality studio called LOOOK.

LOOOK - New Mixed Reality Studio from Xbox Veterans

LOOOK was founded by two Xbox veterans: Sébastien Motte, former head of Xbox first-party business development and John Howard, a lead game designer on titles like Halo: Combat Evolved and Crimson Skies. Howard also worked for Radical Entertainment, but then returned to Microsoft as principal creative director on Xbox Fitness and Microsoft HoloLens.

LOOOK will be developed with the help of Asobo Studio, French developer with an experience of creating applications for HoloLens dev kit.

Asobo Studio has been at the forefront of HoloLens development from the beginning. New technologies have a learning curve, and our early involvement with HoloLens has given us years-long head start in the creation of meaningful holographic applications.

John Howard, creative director at LOOOK

We want to harness the power of holographic, mixed reality to create meaningful applications to raise awareness and empathy, connect people, and protect our planet. We partner with companies and organisations who share these common core values.

Sébastien Motte, LOOOK’s CEO

Source: gamesindustry.biz

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