Marketing Tips for Artists
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by Tawiah Nyamekye
58 min ago

One of the best personal projects I've seen. Good job!

by adamDe
1 hours ago

amazing skill!! :)

6 hours ago

Thanks for sharing!

Marketing Tips for Artists
22 March, 2017
Liam Wong shared a bunch of short but very important tips, which will help you to make your art noticed on the web. These mostly work for Instagram and Twitter, but they could be applied to other platforms as well. 

Liam Wong sort of rose to the status of the artistic celebrity with the series of amazing photos he published online. But it’s just a tiny little bit of his work. He actually works in games and he produced some exciting designs for Ubisoft and Crytek. Liam worked out the visual identity for Far Cry 4. He even did a GDC talk, which we encourage you to watch. Here are some of his marketing tips which can help you to get more visibility on the web.

  • As an artist – the stats are neat in order to figure out the best time to post your work for higher engagement. Engagement makes it sound really heavy. But when you spend X amount of time on a piece of art – make sure people actually see it.
  • I post 2am EDT. When people in London/Paris are waking up. When most of North America is sleeping & not posting & it’s afternoon in Tokyo.
  • Weekends are usually the worst time to post. Monday-Wednesday being the best. Monday 5pm EST being the worst. Wednesday 5pm EST – the best.
  • You can also automate posts using websites.
  • If you’re on a platform with hashtags & zero following – find niche tags – they often have better communities. Avoid overpopulated tags.

  • Create an FB page & link to your Instagram. Instant business account & analytics for free. Equipped with ‘Contact’ button & role description.
  • Tumblr is often overlooked. It is incredible for exposure over an extended period of time. And requires less effort to maintain.
  • If you have a project which is part of a series. Gather 5-10 images. Communicate it as best as you can in words. Send it to people, media.

  • Self-publish on sites like @boredpanda & @Medium.
  • Share things that inspire you. Chances are other people will like it too – and it’s a great way to give exposure to those ho deserve it.

And last, but not, least, if you want to get featured – shoot us an email. We always like to Hopefully, this will help you in your artistic journey.


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