Mass Effect Andromeda Needs a Game Designer
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by Shayne Byrne
38 min ago

Maybe they should focus on making their games they already have run a bit better first. There are many complaints about the game play in World of Tanks. The platoon aspect needs fixing so it is more fairly ranked.

>Evangelion on TV I see you're man of the culture, Thomas :)

give me some names. Who's doing great environment work with Unity these days? I'd be happy to interview anyone who's showing some cool stuff!

Mass Effect Andromeda Needs a Game Designer
28 October, 2015

HR-manager Masah Kalugin has recently published a huge post detailing an open position in BioWare. The company is looking for an experienced senior game designer for Mass Effect Andromeda – one of the most anticipated video games of the nearest future.

Here’s a brief description of the position:

Our Mass Effect team is looking to add another team player to the design department for the next Mass Effect title. Mass Effect 3 was the highest rated game of 2012, garnering 17 perfect critical review scores and Mass Effect 2 was one of the highest rated RPG’s of all time. This role would focus on establishing and executing on the gold standard for shooting mechanics, AI, camera, physics and other aspects related to combat, control and camera.

To get the job, you need:

• 8+ years of experience as a game designer having shipped AAA titles
• Familiar with third/first person shooter mechanics, experience with cover systems and cameras
• Comfortable collaborating with groups within animation and programming
• Thorough understanding of scripting and programming concepts with the ability to implement.
• Excellent knowledge of RPGs, current technology and tools, design concepts and game balancing.
• Ability to work collaboratively with team members from different locations and different disciplines.
• Collaborate and critique with the gameplay team to evaluate and improve upon existing systems.
• Willingness to adapt and iterate designs.
• A passion for gaming

It’s nice to see Electronic Arts and BioWare working on Mass Effect, staying true to the main ideas that made Mass Effect series so popular. If you feel like it’s the job for you, you can actually contact Masah for more details.

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