New Version of Axiom for Houdini Released

Here's an update to the GPU accelerated sparse volumetric fluid solver for Houdini.

Matt Puchala launched a new build of Axiom, his GPU accelerated sparse volumetric fluid solver for Houdini. The toolkit now supports color advection and sourcing, 2nd disturbance force, two new sourcing types, and more.

  • Color advection and sourcing. Users can give the solver a vector VDB named “color” when you enable it in the source tab on the solver. Axiom Source Shapes can also source color. Color uses more memory.
  • 2nd disturbance force.
  • New sourcing types. “Pull” will increase the value toward the source value but not exceed the source value. “Blend” will do a linear interpolation between the target field and the source.
  • New advection model optimized for handling additional fields with a reduced memory footprint. Don't worry about toggling on octree lookup to remove artifacts in fast-moving sims, done automatically now.
  • 15% more memory efficient.

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