No Truce With The Furies: Isometric RPG About Cops
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The work you did on the depth of field is very impressive. I'll look into CryEngine

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No Truce With The Furies: Isometric RPG About Cops
14 February, 2017
We want to talk about a new game by ZA/UM Studio. It’s called No Truce With The Furies and it’s very unusual.


The developers claim it’s a police procedural role playing game inspired by Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route Zero. There’s a lot of dialogue, combat and a lot of story. It also features some of the coolest isometric visuals you’ll ever see. The developers are using pre-rendered backgrounds which are painted over for stylistic reasons. They are also adding 3d models of characters with hand painted normal maps. It all helps to create this pretty stylized look. The light is dynamic, so is the weather. You can pick up a flashlight and see the shadows move at night. It’s also made with Unity.

The team consists of 11 people (this is the info from 2016, so maybe the headcount has changed). They are based in Tallinn, Estonia. These guys are all big fans of Fallouts and Infinity Engine games. In the future they want to build an even bigger title, but so far they’re sticking to smaller projects. Aleksander Rostov is the art director on this project.

Here’s a little description from the official website:

Wake up as a disgraced detective lieutenant. Put on your disco pants. Wander a gorgeously rendered seaside city in another world, solving one last case. Or wander the inside of your own head, talking to your senses, doubts and memories. 24 uniquely realistic skills represent the real human psyche and physique. It’s a genre-busting new world we’ve built for more than fifteen years. We call it fantastic realism. And we’re ready to show it to you. No Truce With The Furies takes non-combat skill use to absurd new heights. You can sing, dance, pay rent and actually fail at skill checks with profound results. Built by D&D evangelists, we use the rule system to represent real life.

You can find more info about the project here. The game will be release in 2017.

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