Otoy Launched OctaneRender 2022.1 & Studio+ Subscriptions

The changes include photon tracing, compatibility with Autodesk Standard Surface specification, and texture improvements.

Otoy has released OctaneRender 2022.1 – the latest version of the GPU production renderer – along with a new Studio+ subscription model.

The biggest addition is the photon tracing kernel, which provides fast rendering of caustics. It combines path tracing, which traces paths through the scene starting in the camera, with photon mapping, which traces light through the scene starting at the light sources.

Otoy also implemented a new Standard Surface Material node that complies with the Autodesk Standard Surface specification. Additionally, it updated the implementation of individual layers to support the spec.

The update introduces a new Standard Volume medium, which "offers a familiar interface to anyone used to the Arnold renderer." It provides more control over the volume rendering process and supports specifying the density channel separately from the scatter color and transparency channels.

You can also find 16 new procedural textures as built-in texture nodes and enjoy many other texture changes. At the same time, Octane's procedural geometry system Vectron got a set of new primitives and operators, including Clip, Ink, and Inset.

Other changes include Cryptomatte mask output AOV, better sampling for DOF, compatibility modes, and more. You can learn more about them here.

Apart from the in-renderer improvements, Otoy also introduced a new licensing model – Studio+. It provides access to OctaneRender DCC plug-in ecosystem and cloud rendering services as well as MoI 3D and Cascasadeur. Other programs included are World Creator, EmberGenFX, and Architron. 

You can get all of this and more for 23.95 €/month. During the Black Friday sale, annual subscriptions cost 15.99 €/month. Buy it here and don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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